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The next generation of owner agent and development services. An online development platform that allows anyone to simply and successfully develop their real estate.

Our approach

At our core, we are the most advanced owners agent service in the real estate industry. Our services provide you with access to industry leaders and professionals while offering unparalleled real estate expertise to simplify and support the process from start to finish.

We do all this with leading-edge tech and analytics that help ensure a frictionless and stress-free client experience. We are rethinking, reshaping and revolutionizing real estate development.



Reshaping Real estate development

Our team is made up of leaders in the real estate, technology, financial, contracting, architectural and engineering industries. With the unique opportunity to see the entire spectrum of the development process, we knew that there needed to be a simpler way for property owners to develop their real estate.

As part of a large multi-national consulting firm, we had been providing these services since 2009, but became frustrated with the current way of doing things and wanted to give access to more property owners

Over the last decade, we recognized:

  • The difficult and fragmented nature of the real estate development process.
  • How confusing and overwhelming the process can be for non-industry developers.
  • The uncertainty surrounding what real estate owners can do with their property.
  • A lack of analytics, data and technology in the development process, resulting in slower, less optimal decision making.
  • That large real estate developers were reaping the benefits while other property owners received only a fraction of the profits.

End-to-end integrated development

Our response to these issues was Reveloper. Reveloper is a unique, one-stop real estate development model and platform that simplifies current processes and makes development accessible to anyone, regardless of funds, resources or experience.

As simple as checking your online bank account

what we do

We put the real estate owner first. High-quality development processes aren't just for developers with unlimited money and resources. With Reveloper, we provide an effective, easy-to-utilize process at a fraction of the cost.


A one-stop provider of leading-edge, start-to-finish development services.

Relationships with the industry's best

Direct access to the best consultants, architects, engineers, contractors, and realtors in the field.

Live updates &

A platform and dashboard that offers a snapshot of your entire development at any point in the process.


A qualified team of development leaders —aided by our innovative technology — is behind every project.



With interest rates rising and recession fears looming, the importance of developments completed with accuracy, analytics, speed and precision has never been more important. Even in a down market, we are able to utilize our system to consistently outperform the market and help you maximize your most valuable asset - your real estate.

  • Help find and unlock real estate equity.
  • Maximize property development value.
  • Develop with security and confidence.

Sectors we serve

We've worked tirelessly to develop strong partnerships, data and service coverage across Western Canada. We're currently expanding our partnerships and platform to bring our services to the rest of the country.


Clients we serve

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Reveloper so unique?

There are currently three main options for property owners who own underdeveloped or potentially developable lands.

1. Hold the property — Keep the property as is, potentially missing out on significant redevelopment value.
2. Sell the property — Sell the property to a developer, who will complete the redevelopment process and reap the rewards for themselves.
3. Develop the property — Perform the difficult, overwhelming and time-consuming development yourself OR form a partnership with a local builder/developer and potentially lose out on huge amounts of value due to miscommunication, lack of transparency, or other partnership pitfalls.

Reveloper provides real estate owners with a 4th option.  Our process allows you to achieve the highest level of development at minimal costs and offers access to professional expertise and analytics while also giving you full access to any info you need throughout the process.

I own the property. Why don’t I just do this myself?

You could do it yourself. However, the development process is complicated, timely and difficult. Just as you would engage a realtor or financial advisor for selling/buying a house or managing your savings or investments, using Reveloper makes the process easier and more efficient.

We are seasoned, industry-leading professionals who can navigate the difficult development process, ensuring that your interests are protected and your project goals and returns are met or exceeded.

If you are looking after the development, what is my involvement and what control do I have?

We keep you constantly updated while we look after the development and all the steps involved, but you ultimately control the outcome of the project. We're here to help clients make the best-informed decisions; however, the final say is always up to you.

We build strong relationships with our clients, who typically prefer us to run the entire process, with the client making some specific, informed decisions along the way. Our clients understand that being involved in every detail and step of the process usually ends up hindering and complicating the project.

How does Reveloper complete the development if I don’t have the available money and resources?

Even if you just own the property and don't have any other resources available for development, we can help connect you to capital partners and equity. We have a network of capital providers that are willing to invest in the development to help cover any shortfall. We do this to bridge any financing shortfalls and help development proceed while working to allow you to retain as much ownership of your real estate development as possible.

How does Reveloper make money?

Our fee structure varies depending on the level of involvement that you require (see Fees & Plans). When you use Reveloper, the main fee we charge is a percentage of the profitability of the completed project once it is sold or leased. By tying your success to our success, we encourage our development team to be as involved and invested in your project as possible.